Allied Composite Technologies LLC (ACT) makes use of novel composites technology to produce innovative and market-disruptive products that solve long-standing market problems


Our principals have extensive expertise and experience working with both thermoplastic and thermoset composites, including:

  • Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Tapes and Laminates
  • Thermoplastic Composites (GMT, D-LFT)
  • Thermoset Composites (SMC, S-RIM, Resin Transfer)

To support these technologies, ACT offers these services to our clients:


Product Development

ACT’s core competence is material, design, process, tooling, and production expertise that is specifically focused on composite materials. ACT has the background and experience required to understand the trade-offs that must be made when deploying a composite intensive design. ACT also has a process based approach to solving development issues for a variety of process and material technologies.

Development Strategy

  • Actively partner with commercial and research organizations
  • Add our own management expertise in business, marketing, and manufacturing
  • Develop a portfolio of new and market-disruptive products based on
    • Novel combinations of technologies
    • Unique, cost-effective solutions
    • Intellectual property that is protected by patents and / or trade secrets.


Typical Program Phases

  • Phase I – Determine the optimum approach

    • Define client’s goals and prioritize
    • Brainstorm approaches that can meet the goals
    • Create a weighted decision matrix using financial, market and technology factors to prioritize ideas
    • Review advantages and disadvantages of each approach with the client
    • Finalize the team’s approach
  • Phase II - Determine program details
    • Cost and timing

    • Suppliers
    • Roles and responsibilities
  • Phase III – Proceed with program


In addition to Product Development, ACT offers many other services that are designed to assist in the crucial arena of creating sustainable business growth:

  • Commercial Consulting:  ACT connects its clients with material and technology suppliers who have expertise in composites and can assist in the transition from concept to reality.
  • Marketing Assistance:  ACT can provide input and direction to its client’s marketing and business planning efforts and we can connect clients with potential customers. ACT has a wide range of contacts and business relationships that can provide essential input to market strategies, tactical action items, and sales forecasting. Also, we can assist with sales and market development calls and negotiations.
  • Business Consulting:  ACT can assist our clients with business development, including licensing negotiations, JV and business alliance development, patent and trade secret development, and long term contract, purchasing, and supply arrangements.
  • Management Consulting:  ACT, along with its strategic partners, offers a full range of management consulting including business planning and development, technology integration, materials and processing identification, and staffing and personnel support.


ACT's Role

  • ACT is an “Honest Broker”
  • We have experience in all phases of product development
  • We know the partners who can help achieve the vision
  • We can pick the optimum material, process, and tooling for the proposed design
  • We can integrate all of the factors to create a successful product


We have also developed an Extended Enterprise to offer enhanced services to our clients:


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